Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dancing protesters and UK basketball

So currently the President is in London for the G20 summit. While watching the morning news showing coverage of the protesters, some of whom were dancing, I asked my husband what they were protesting and if they were good-guy protesters or bad-guy protesters. At just that moment the newscaster said that the prostesters were protesting capitalism. Then my husband said "I guess they are good-guy protesters," Yup.

Indeed I know I could use a little less capitalism in my life. Especially when it comes to health care. Plus, I'd also like to see more dancing protesters. Maybe next time I go to a protest I'll dance. Depends on the cause.

A few minutes after that the local news came on and said that there would be a live press conference at 9:00am to introduce the new basketball coach. I said "They are going to interrupt real, actual news for that?" Yeah, I said it. It seems absurd to me that this is what is preempting regular programing. Nobody died. Nobody went to space, and nobody cured anything. As far as I'm concerned those might be good reasons to inturrupt programing, but hey stop the presses!UK got a new coach! Whew doggie!

And I still haven't gotten the fourth book yet. *frown*

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