Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I like Jane and the Dragon

Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Sourcerer's Stone

The first book in the Harry Potter series is a nice comforting pallet cleanser after finishing the Twilight Saga. More on that later. It's quite comforting to be able to window shop in Diacon Alley, anticipate the sorting ceremony and meet again for the first time Nearly Headless Nick. I do not envy them the every flavored jelly beans however.

On to Jane and the Dragon. I'm a little miffed right now because they have rearranged the cartoon schedule for spring and I can no longer find this show in the Qubo line up. I have also decided to remove The Emperors New School from our Saturday viewing. I don't like how the main character (Kuzco) refers to the main girl character (who's name escapes me at the moment) as "Hotty hot hotty," every time her name is mentioned. Jane and the Dragon, however is a fine show about a young girl who shuns her life as a lady-in-waiting and decides to be trained as a knight. When she runs off to slay the dragon for the purpose of proving her mettle, she somehow ends up becoming best friends with said dragon. So the show encourages girls to step out of the status quo and challenge themselves to follow their own passions regardless of societal expectations. I give it an A+! Of course it is set in mid-evil times so it has lots of fun costumy looking characters. The humor is brilliant and intelligent, and the characters are all multi-faceted. Now to find it...

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